Tuberculosis of The Spine

Ashok Johari
- X rays of the spine: show a reduced disc space and loss of definition of the paradiscal margins. Presence of paravertebral, prevertebral shadow indicates that an abscess is present. The central body affections appear as a flattening of vertebrae. The anterior type appear as wedged vertebrae.
- MRI or CT scan are used to define the cause of neurological deficit and status of the cord.
Blood investigations: CBC, ESR help in diagnosis.
Other investigations: X-ray Chest may also aid in the diagnosis.
As skeletal tuberculosis is paucibacillary, cultures are usually negative. Confirmation of diagnosis is on histopathology.

The differential diagnosis includes congenital deformities of the spine, pyogenic or fungal infections, Scheuermann's disease.

Tuberculosis of The Spine Tuberculosis of The Spine 02/20/2001
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