Tuberculosis of The Spine

Ashok Johari
Tuberculosis of The Spine - Treatment
Anti-tuberculous chemotherapy and bed rest and later protective bracing and mobilization form the mainstay of treatment. Bactericidal drugs are preferred and short course chemotherapy is under trial. Operative intervention is required when:
- There is a progressive neurological deficit
- No response to conservative management
- Persistent neurological deficit
- Decompression of large abscesses

Involvement of more number of contiguous vertebrae and a more severe deformity may be anticipated.

The various surgeries are:
Draining of an abscess.

Decompression and scraping of the infected lesion.

Decompression with bone grafting.

In presence of a deformity correction of the deformity and stabilization by internal fixation and fusion.

Tuberculosis of The Spine Tuberculosis of The Spine 02/20/2001
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