Yellow Fever Vaccine

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Yellow Fever Vaccine - Complications
Vaccine is contraindicated in people who have an allergic reaction to eggs or chicken proteins and in people who are immunocompromised. YF vaccine, like all live-virus vaccines, should be avoided during pregnancy. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are precautions to Yellow Fever Vaccine administration, because rare cases of in utero or breastfeeding transmission of the vaccine virus have been documented. Refer Table for vaccination precautions and contraindications.

Table: Precautions and Contraindications to vaccine Administration
Precautions Contraindications
Age 6 through 8 mon. and =60 yrs. of age Infants less than 6 mon. of age
Pregnancy Primary immunodeficiency’s
*Nursing mothers (breast feedings) Malignancy, Post Transplantations
Asymptomatic HIV infection Symptomatic HIV infection or CD4+ T-lymphocyte count <200/mm
  Those who are on immunosuppressive and immune-modulatory therapies
* Meningoencephalitis has been reported in neonates (8 days and 38 days old) exposed to vaccine virus
through breastfeeding. Administration of YF vaccine should be delayed in breastfeeding women until infants are
at least 6 months of age unless exposure to YF is unavoidable.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Yellow Fever Vaccine 04/13/2016
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