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Posted by khushnuma mullanfiroze On date 27 Apr, 2018

The one who loved junk food and fun

The one who was a comedian and made life clunk


One fine morning, he became queasily unwell

Few took him under their wing

But little did they know that his sickness was dreadfully ugly and grim

Still, the twinkle in his eye did not dim


He fought like a warrior king

Musing about football and all his links


Finally the monstrous disease took over

He struggled hard yet could not win


We wish he could return to his kith and kin

But alas, he is now a star in the sky……


Dedicated To:

All those lovely children we lose in the battle against disease

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Emotions that attack hearts and souls keep memories of loss and failure of the whole medical strategy. But life will go on. We're still working against diseases attacking these little children.
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