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Management of Pediatric HIV
by Dr. Ira Shah

Management of Pediatric HIV
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Dr. Ira Shah
Pediatric Oncall
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HIV epidemic in India is now in its 4th decade. The disease has now evolved from a fatal condition to that of a chronic manageable disease. This book is now in its 3rd edition and is an aid to help physicians to manage these new issues in Pediatric HIV. In this book, cases have been added to help understand various issues in a practical manner. HIV-infected patients still need specialized care and with complex treatment regimes, a simple but comprehensive approach would be needed which this book has strived for.

Epidemiology, Transmission and Pathogenesis, HIV and Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis and Monitoring of HIV in children, HIV and Opportunistic Infections, HIV and Tuberculosis, HIV and IRIS, HIV and Respiratory System, HIV and Renal Manifestations, HIV and Neurological Manifestations, HIV and Cardiac Manifestations, HIV and Gastrointestinal Manifestations, HIV and Hematological Manifestations, HIV and Malignancy, HIV and Arthropathy, HIV and Growth, HIV and Nutrition, Antiretroviral Therapy, Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT), Functional HIV Cure and Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

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