Leukodystrophies - Mri

Priya Chudgar
Lecturer in Radiology, Department of Radiology, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India
First Created: 01/10/2001 


  • Location of white matter abnormalities

  • Signal of white matter apart from the affected regions (hypomyelination)

  • Cavitation

  • Cerebellar involvement

  • Head size

  • Contrast enhancement

Characteristic Features Of Various Leukodystrophies On MRI

  • Macrocephaly is seen in Krabbe's, Alexander's, Canavan's, Hurler syndrome

  • White matter changes located posteriorly: ALD

  • White matter changes located anteriorly: Alexander's disease

  • Periventricular involvement: MLD, ALD

  • Involvement of arcuate fibers: Canavan's disease

  • High density basal ganglia: Krabbe's disease

  • Post contrast enhancement is seen in ALD, Alexander

Alexander's Disease (Fig 1)


MLD (Fig 2)

MLD (Fig 2a)

ALD (Fig 3)

ALD (Fig 3)

Infantile onset leukoencephalopathy (Vacuolation/spongiform changes) (Fig 4)

Infantile onset leukoencephalopathy (Vacuolation/ spongiform
Infantile onset leukoencephalopathy (Vacuolation/spongiform changes) (Fig 4a)
Infantile onset leukoencephalopathy (Vacuolation/ spongiform

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