The Need for Educational Development of First Aid Training at a Societal Level for Young People within Youth Offending Teaching Units, Youth clubs and Schools


Youth violence is a growing problem for the NHS and estimated to cost £2.9 Billion every year. Furthermore, it is the third leading cause of mortality in young people making up 47% of emergency hospital admissions.

StreetDoctors is a national volunteer-led organization, which realizes the need to combat violence through the education of youths who are most at risk of experiencing it. Teaching sessions are delivered on hemorrhage control, unconsciousness and the consequences of violent behavior. This study aimed to observe the impact this teaching had upon the participants’ understanding of both first aid and repercussion of violence.
The young people were asked to fill out a post-teaching questionnaire on sessions delivered between 09/02/16 to 1/04/17. Their responses were categorically graded as: strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree or strongly disagree. In addition, StreetDoctors’ volunteers objectively recorded observations from a selection of these sessions.
Results and Discussion
Data collected from the teaching sessions showed that: 93.4% of those taught agreed/strongly agreed that they understood the consequences of violence; 94% strongly agreed/agreed that they knew how to perform hemorrhage control and respond to unconsciousness; 85.9% strongly agreed/agreed that they would be willing to act and administer first aid in life-threatening situations. Additionally, observational data from a sample of sessions supported this positive response. Overall, these results conclude that StreetDoctors’ teaching not only improves young people’s understanding of first aid but also the repercussions of violence.
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