Diagnostic Dilemma

Inspiratory wheeze

A 1½ years old boy presented with cough with noisy breathing for 2 days and breathlessness since the afternoon. There is no fever, foreign body ingestion. He had similar complaints 4-5 times last year and was treated with nebulization on OPD basis. There is no history of asthma or allergy in family. On looking at the child, he has prolonged inspiration with respiratory rate of 46, min with suprasternal retractions and intercostals retractions. On auscultation, he has a late inspiratory wheeze.

What is the possible diagnosis_?
Expert Opinion :
Wonderful answers all of you. Yes, the problem in this child was croup. Croup is an airway problem that is extrathoracic. Thus it cause both hypoxia as well as suprasternal retractions.

This child`s Xray showed steeple sign positive.
Answer Discussion :
arun kumarc
congenital laryngeal abnormality
11 years ago
Acute laryngeotracheobronchitis
11 years ago

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