Diagnostic Dilemma


A 9 years old girl was screened for tuberculosis as brother had open TB. Her Chest X-Ray was normal and Mantoux test was 12 mm. Child was otherwise asymptomatic.

Should she be given antituberculous therapy_?
Expert Opinion :
MT of 12 mm may be positive, but one needs to evaluate whether it is due to 2 tuberculin unit, 5 or 10 TU. ALso what would be the effect of BCG at this age for a positive mantoux test_?
This child had received MT by 2 TU. Now what would be your comments. There is no immunosuppression, chickenpox.
Answer Discussion :
samani omer
given INH for 6months and BCG
11 years ago
Shivani Randev
No, the patient can be kept under close regular follow-up
11 years ago

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