Diagnostic Dilemma

Hyperkalemia in a 2 months old

A 2 months old boy born of non-consanguineous marriage presented with difficulty in feeding with a suck-rest suck cycle for 1 month and excessive crying for 15 days. He had sweating over his forehead. There was no breathlessness at rest or cyanosis. He was on mixed feeds with breastfeeds and diluted cow’s milk. Physical examination was normal. Investigations showed normal hemogram, chest x-ray, and echocardiography. He was found to have persistent hyperkalemia though sodium, calcium, phosphorus & alkaline phosphatase were normal. His blood urea nitrogen and creatinine were normal ruling out renal failure. He was treated with IV Calcium Gluconate and bicarbonate but hyperkalemia persisted.

How to find out the cause of his hyperkalemia?
Answer Discussion :
dhanashree mundle
7 hours ago
Chennu Pudami
rule out hypoaldosteronism and once do an urinary electrolytes also, look for bp and other endocrine abnormalities...
1 Day ago

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