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Mechanism :

Ketoconazole impairs the synthesis of ergosterol, which is a vital component of fungal cell membranes.

Indication :

• Patients of systemic fungal infections who have failed other therapy or are intolerant.

• Histoplasmosis

• Blastomycosis

• Paracoccidioidomycosis

• Coccidioidomycosis

• Chromomycosis

Contraindications :

Ketoconazole is contraindicated in patients who have shown hypersensitivity to the drug or excipients of the formulation. Keep out of eyes. It is contraindicated in children below 2 years of age.

Dosing :

Under years: Safety and efficacy not established.

Above 2 years: 3.3-6.6 mg/kg/day given orally.

Adverse Effect :

Nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, pruritus, alopecia, headache, hyperlipidemia, dizziness, diarrhea, impotence, thrombocytopenia erythema multiforme, gynecomastia, hepatotoxicity, xeroderma, fever and chills, somnolence, depression, bulging fontanelles, jaundice, dysgeusia, decreased platelet count, dyspepsia, photophobia, hemolytic anemia, leukopenia, orthostatic hypotension.

Interaction :

Terfenadine: Has led to elevated plasma concentrations of terfenadine, resulting in rare instances of life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias.
Astemizole: Inhibits the metabolism of astemizole, resulting in elevated plasma concentrations of astemizole which may prolong QT intervals.

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