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Drotrecogin Alfa

Synonym :

Recombinant Human activated Protein C

Mechanism :

Activated protein C combines with protein S on platelet surfaces and then degrades factor Va and factor VIIIa, thereby reducing blood coagulability.

Indication :

• For reduction of mortality in patients with severe sepsis.

Contraindications :

Active internal bleeding.

Recent (within 3 months) hemorrhagic stroke.

Recent (within 2 months) intracranial/intraspinal surgery/severe head trauma.

Trauma patients with an increased risk of life-threatening bleeding.

Presence of an epidural catheter.

Known or suspected intracranial neoplasm or mass lesion.

Known hypersensitivity to drotrecogin or any component.

Dosing :

IV infusion rate: 24 mcg/kg/hr for 96 hours. Maximum allowed infusion time is 168 hours.

Adverse Effect :

Intracranial, GI, genitourinary or skin hemorrhages.

Interaction :

Antiplatelet agents: Such as clopidogrel and other anticoagulants(Heparin, warfarin) may enhance the adverse/toxic effect of Drotrecogin Alfa.

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