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Tetanus Toxoid


Mechanism :

Clostridium tetani culture is grown in a peptone-based medium containing an extract of bovine muscle tissue and detoxified with formaldehyde. Tetanus Toxoid for intramuscular injection, is a sterile suspension of alum-precipitated toxoid in an isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Indication :

• Tetanus-active protection

• Wounds if last Tetanus vaccine was >5 years ago

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, including thimerosal is a contraindication to receipt of Tetanus Toxoid Adsorbed. Contraindicated in case of anaphylaxis or other serious allergic reaction following a previous dose of this vaccine, any other tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine, or any component of this vaccine. Because of uncertainty as to which component of the vaccine may be responsible, no further vaccination with a tetanus component should be carried out.

Dosing :

IM: 0.5 ml.

Adverse Effect :

Redness, warmth, edema, induration with or without tenderness at injection site, urticaria, rash. Malaise, transient fever, pain, hypotension, nausea and arthralgia may develop. Arthus-type hypersensitivity reactions characterized by severe local reactions may occur in persons who have received multiple prior booster doses of a tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine.

Interaction :

Immunosuppressive therapies: May reduce the immune response to vaccines.

Hepatic Dose :

No dosage adjustments are recommended.
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