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Discordance between mycobacterial tuberculosis whole genome sequencing and phenotypic drug sensitivity - How to interpret
Meenakshi Dey, Suhani Jain, Ira Shah
A 14-year-old female presented in August with complaints of cough, easy fatiguability, shortness of breath for the past 2-3 months. She also had a 6.5 kg weight loss in the past 8 months and no menstr....
Hereditary Spherocytosis with splenectomy in a Pregnant Woman - How to manage the immunizations?
Tsering Yangchen Dirkhipa, Suhani Jain, Meenakshi Dey, Ira Shah
A 38 year old female, G3P1L1A1 at 31+4 weeks of gestation with expected date of delivery in February 2024 and a known case of hereditary spherocytosis with splenectomy done 11 years back in 2012 (at 1....
Interpretation of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) serology
Meenakshi Dey, Suhani Jain, Ira Shah
A 31 year old primigravida at 12 weeks of gestation was referred to us for evaluation based on the results of a TORCH panel. The test indicated that her cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgG level was 280 Au/ml a....
Nocardiosis in an immunocompromised child with peripherally inserted central catheter - how to treat?
Zahabiya Nalwalla, Tsering Yangchen Dirkhipa, Ira Shah, Venkata Rama Mohan Gollamudi
A 12 year old boy was diagnosed as Non-metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma of left scapula in July 2021. He was receiving chemotherapy and a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line was inserted for ....
Hematemesis in a child with beta thalassemia
Himali Meshram
A 14 year old girl presented to us with hematemesis in April 2016. She was diagnosed to have heterozygous HBE thalassemia at the age of 2 years. Since then she was on regular blood transfusions. Her ....
Glycogen Storage Disease - Type 3
Suhani Jain, Ira Shah
A 9-month-old female child was referred for asymptomatic hepatomegaly detected by the local physician. Her birth history was normal and she had achieved milestones as per her age. The child had no fam....
Tuberculous Atlanto-axial dislocation – How to manage?
Suhani Jain, Ira Shah
An 8-year-old girl presented with pain and inability to extend her neck for three months. She had a history of occasional low-grade fever during this period, but she was afebrile at presentation. Ther....
Aberrant vasculature in the Liver
Suhani Jain, Ira Shah
A 2-month-old female infant presented for a secondary assessment following the identification of abnormal vessels during antenatal ultrasound. Subsequent imaging via CT abdomen at 1 month of age revea....
INH Monoresistance tuberculosis with inhA gene resistance - What should be the anti-tuberculosis regimen?
Vaidehi Mehta, Ira Shah
A 4-year-old boy presented with gradually increasing left axillary swelling for 7 months. There is no fever, cough, loss of appetite or weight loss or contact with a patient having tuberculosis (TB) c....
Is it Congenital toxoplasmosis?
Suhani Jain, Ira Shah
A 1 month old male child delivered by lower section cesarean section (LSCS) at 8 ½ months of gestation in view of meconium stained liquor with a birth weight of 2.09 kg was referred in view of a posit....
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