The purpose of transport incubator is same to an incubator used in Intensive Care Unit. It is used to provide a desired warm environment to a neonate to reduce in heat loss to the environment. There are situations when a neonate or baby has to be transferred via air or road from one place to other either in search of an intensive care unit or to a different hospital for a different therapy itself. As these neonates or baby are already weak by nature, and when they are ill, their condition becomes even more delicate. Under this circumstance, the most challenging part of critical care is to transfer the baby without exposing them to temperature gradient of the environment. This is achieved by transferring the baby in a transport incubator which maintains a small environment of required temperature.

The basic mechanism is same of transport incubator is same as the intensive care incubator. A special attention is given to make sure that the device is relatively light and small which helps in movement of device. A baby tray is present on a trolley which is covered by a fibre glass or acrylic structure to provide a closed environment for the baby. Openings are provided so that medical staff can access the baby whenever required and separate openings are provided to insert oxygen tube etc. Temperature required can be set and the skin temperature of baby as well as environment temperature is displayed in screen provided. The airflow can be regulated by a knob and these systems have alarm to derive attention in undesired circumstances such as rise in temperature. The major difference from an intensive care incubator is the presence of an external portable power source (mounted on the transport incubator trolley) which makes the instrument work when the instrument is moved. These instruments can also work on electricity derived from ambulance.

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