Weighing Scale is a device used to measure the weight of person and it is among the common used device by doctors. The weighing scale has two major variants, the mechanical and the digital weighing scales. The mechanical scale features a rotating dial which indicates the weight. The simplicity and durability over a long time has been the biggest advantage of this machine and the main reason to be used in places where the device is continuously moved. The digital weighing scale is easy to operate and features a small LCD display where the weight is shown. The digital weighing scale operates on external power source mainly battery, and the presence of electronic circuit makes it a very delicate instrument. Currently, weighing machines available in the market provides additional features such as facility to measure height, body mass index etc in addition to the weight. There are special weighing scales available for infants that measure difference in weight of up to 10 grams and are designed in a way that the baby can be kept lying down in the weighing tray without any worry of toppling the tray and thus harming the baby.
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