Syringe pump is designed to deliver drug at a predetermined rate and speed. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have developed more and more concentrated and effective medicine. Hence, these medicines are required to be injected very slowly as well as continuously. Syringe pumps are particularly helpful under such circumstances as they are programmed to do deliver drug through the vein at a determined rate.

Syringe pump generally consist of a drum that is attached to a piston. The piston is operated by a motor through a drive screw or worm gear which helps in pushing the plunger of syringe in or out resulting in a smooth flow. The syringe is engaged on a clamp on the frame and the plunger of the syringe is displaced by movement of drum. Most of the syringe pump can work with different syringes of different diameters, but the diameter has to be entered in beginning to make sure correct volume is dispensed. These guidelines should be read from manufacturer guidelines, and made sure whether syringes with different diameter can be used. The user can set the parameters such as flow rate, dispense volume and syringe diameter.

Syringe pumps can deliver drugs even in very small doses, 0.1 ml per hour to 200 ml per hour. The accuracy is mentioned by the manufacturer in their user manual and will ideally be mentioned in terms of flow rate i.e. over the entire time of delivering the drug, the variation won’t be more than the prescribed limit. These pumps have a smooth delivery over the entire period.

Some syringe pump's accuracy might appear in terms of displacement of piston. These pumps will deliver the determined dose over the time, but the rate of flow might not be smooth. More than one syringe pump is also used if there is a need to deliver more than one drug at same time.
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