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Olmesartan Intake during Pregnancy Leading to Reversible Renal Failure and Skull Hypoplasia in a Preterm Newborn
Lata Bhat, Supriya Bisht, Kavita Khanijo.
Department of Neonatology, Fortis Hospital, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Drugs acting on renin angiotensin aldosterone system are contraindicated during pregnancy, since they cause severe fetopathic effects like renal failure, oliguria, prematurity and skeletal hypoplasia. Renal failure is progressive in majority of cases. We present a preterm infant who presented with renal failure and skull hypoplasia. Mother had taken olmesartan (angiotensin-II receptor antagonist) throughout her pregnancy. Baby had deranged renal profile and was managed conservatively. Postnatally, renal failure improved after conservative management. Her hypoplastic skull bones also showed improvement. We conclude that selection of antihypertensives during pregnancy should be rational to avoid fetotoxicity.

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