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Suat Bicer1, Yakup Sogutlu2, Arzu Pinar Turan3.
1Department of Child Health and Pediatrics,Subdivision of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey,
2Department of Pediatrics,Subdivision of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey,
3Department of Family Medicine, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Educational Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
Which sequence is most appropriate for initial resuscitation in children: Airway-Breathing-Circulation (A-B-C) or Circulation-Airway-Breathing (C-A-B)? What is the most appropriate compression-to-ventilation ratio? How many numbers of chest compressions in per minute are enough for the chest massage? Should we ventilate or not ventilate during resuscitation of children? The last guideline which was published in October 2015 is reviewed to answer these and other questions about the new recommendations on pediatric basic life support. One of the new recommendations is, if available, the use of cellular telephones with speakers to activate an emergency response system while beginning resuscitation. The preferred initial resuscitation sequence, as recommended in 2010 The American Heart Association guideline, is the C-A-B sequence (Compressions-Airway-Breathing) to decrease the time to initiate chest compressions and reduce "no blood flow" time.

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