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Typhoid Carriers among Children in Sohag
Najah M. Abdel Raheem, Gihan Y. Yousef, Hatem M. Shalaby, Mohammed Eltorky, Ahmed Abdel Azziz.
Public health department, Pediatric Department, Department of Microbiology, Sohag University.
Objectives: Enteric fever due to Salmonella typhi is a major public health problem. In endemic areas, children aged 1-5 years are at the highest risk of infection. Between 1% and 5% of patients with acute typhoid infection have been reported to become chronic carriers, depending on age, sex and treatment regimen. In this study we study the prevalence of chronic typhoid carriers among children in Sohag.

Patients and method: Five hundred children between 2-14 years (421 male and 79 female) attending out patients paediatrics- clinic were examined for the existence of typhoid bacilli in their urine and stool.

Results: Typhoid bacilli were found in 18.7% as stool carriers and 3.1% as urinary carriers. Only 34.7% of the stool carrier has definite history of typhoid and 12.3% in the urinary carrier. Highest percentage of carriers was above 12 years of age (40.2%). Chronic stool and urinary carriers were more in rural than urban areas. Symptoms suggesting typhoid fever was present in 58.6% of stool carriers and 18.2% in urinary carriers.

In conclusion: Chronic typhoid carriers are present in considerable percentage in pediatric age group in Sohag.

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