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Comparison of Liquid Crystal Device -ThermoSpot with Low Reading Axillary Thermometer in Detecting Neonatal Hypothermia
Shrestha M, Basnet S, Shrestha PS.
Department of Child Health, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Objective: To assess the efficacy of a liquid crystal device (ThermoSpot) in detecting neonatal hypothermia.

Methods: It was a hospital based, cross-sectional study. The study included 300 newborn babies born in our hospital. These babies were assessed thrice in first 24 hours of life i.e. within 4 hour, 4- 12 hours and 12-24 hours. Axillary temperature of these babies was recorded by low-reading glass in mercury thermometer and colour in the ThermoSpot was also noted and compared to analyze the sensitivity and specificity of ThermoSpot in detecting neonatal hypothermia.

Results: In the 1st assessment, out of 300, 96.3% babies had hypothermia out of which 73.7% babies had mild and 26.3% babies had moderate hypothermia. In the 2nd assessment, out of 294 babies, 72.8% babies were hypothermic of which 93% had mild and only 7% had moderate hypothermia. In the 3rd assessment, out of 294 babies, 47.75 %babies were hypothermic of which 99.3% had mild and 0.7% had moderate hypothermia. Sensitivity and Specificity of ThermoSpot in detecting moderate hypothermia was found to be 97.8% and 99.8% respectively. The positive predictive value of ThermoSpot in detecting moderate hypothermia was 98.9 %. The negative predictive value was 99.63%.

Conclusion: Liquid crystal device "ThermoSpot"; can be used with ease even for continuous monitoring of temperature.

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