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Rare Case of Massive Hydrothorax Following External Jugular Vein Cannulation
Manoj Kumar Jangid1, Sunil Kumar Yadav2.
1Department of Pediatrics, IBN SINA Hospital, State of Kuwait,
2Department of Pediatric surgery, IBN SINA Hospital, State of Kuwait.
A variety of complications are known with external jugular vein catheterization and most of the times, the immediate complications are anticipated and managed; whereas, delayed complications can go unnoticed and sometimes may be quite serious as well. We encountered an unusual life threatening complication 2 days after right external jugular vein catheterization in a 2 month old infant in the form of acute respiratory distress due to development of right hydrothorax. The case highlights the importance of continued vigilance regarding the correct position and function of external jugular venous catheters so as to prevent serious complications.

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