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Candida Meningitis Resulting from Cribriform Plate Damage Following Head Injury
Karuna Thapar, Naresh Jindal, Gaurav Dhawan, Ira Dhawan.
Department of Pediatrics, Government Medical College, Amritsar, India.
A 16 year old female presented to us with a 15 days history of headache, stiff neck, fever and vomiting. On general physical examination, patient was lethargic and irritable. She was a known case of recurrent meningitis following a head injury at age of 2 years. Since then, she had got 10 episodes of meningitis. She was treated for pyogenic meningitis at our centre 3 years back when a MRI scan was done. It showed a rent in cribriform plate in the middle third on right side with CSF leak. ELISA for HIV was negative. A CSF examination was showing a lymphocytic pleocytosis (total cells 325 with 90% lymphocytes), a reduced glucose level (34 mg %) and an elevated protein level (185 mg %). A gram-stained smear revealed budding yeast cells suggesting Candida albicans. Bacterial cultures were negative. A diagnosis of Candida meningitis was established and child was put on IV Fluconazole to which she showed good response and the therapy was continued for 4 weeks.

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