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Evaluation of primary immunization coverage in migratory versus non-migratory labour population of urban area in Bhopal city
S Anand1, P Verma2, U Sinha3, P Mahawar4.
1Department of Pediatrics, Chirayu medical college and hospital, Bhopal,
2Department of Pediatrics, Peoples College of Medical Sciences and Research Centre,
3Department of Community Medicine, Chirayu medical college and hospital, Bhopal,
4Assistant professor, Department of Community Medicine, MGM Medical College, Indore.
Background: Migrants carry with them a health risk and public health implication due to their epidemiological profile, their exposure to infectious agents, life style related risk factors, and culture based health beliefs.
Aim: To compare the primary immunization coverage in children of migratory and non-migratory labour population. Material and methods: The study population was of children aged between 12–23 months whose parents were migratory and non-migratory construction workers. A total of 450 children were selected for the study out of which 200 were of migrants and of non migrants were 250. The child was considered as immunized or not immunized based on information on the immunization card. For those without an immunization card, information from the mother or any other responsible and reliable person in the family stating that the child had been immunized was considered. Results: Seventy (35%) migrants and 200 (80%) non-migrants had immunization card. Among migrants, Sixty (30%) were fully immunized, 110 (55%) were partially immunized and Thirty (15%) were not immunized. Among non-migrants, 125 (50%) were fully immunized, 110 (44%) were partially immunized and Fifteen (6%) were not immunized. Fifty five (50%) of the migrants and Forty eight (43.6%) of the non-migrants responded that unawareness is the cause behind the partial immunization. Conclusion: By improving the system responsiveness particularly to vulnerable, socio-economically disadvantaged migrants would help in achieving full immunization coverage.

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