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Maternal Knowledge and Perception about the Breast Feeding and Factors Influencing it-A Study in Urban Low Socioeconomic Class of Pune
Ashwin Borade, Neeta Hanumante.
Department of Pediatrics, Grant Medical Foundation, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Objective - To study the breast-feeding (BF) practices and factors influencing it in low socioeconomic strata of Pune.

Method - A cross sectional study of 150 mothers was done between April to November 2006. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and analyzed.

Result - Seventy-three (48.6%) babies were exclusively breast fed (EBF), 57 (38%) were top fed, 15 (13.3%) were both breast and top fed. Illiteracy, primigravida, younger age and mothers living in nuclear family were found at significant higher risk of not following EBF. Undesirable sociocultural beliefs and misconceptions in the society affect BF practices.

Conclusion- Exclusive breast feeding for 6 months is still not routinely practiced by most of mothers. So promotion of optimal BF practices is suggested.

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