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Kumar Amritanshu1, Atul Kumar2, Apeksha Pathak1, Neha Garg1, Deba Prasad Banerjee1.
1Department of Paediatrics, Katihar Medical College, Katihar, Bihar, India,
2Department of Medicine, Katihar Medical College, Katihar, Bihar, India.
Objectives: To determine prevalence of childhood and adolescent hypertension and its risk factors.
Materials and methods: Children and adolescents aged 5 to19 years of life were included. High blood pressure was categorized as pre-hypertension and hypertension. Pre-hypertension was considered as blood pressure (BP) equal or greater than the age and gender specific 90th percentile after adjusting for weight and height or BP equal or more than 120/80 mm of Hg. When BP was equal or over the age and gender specific 95th percentile value, it was considered as hypertension. Data was collected using pre-tested questionnaire completed by parents.
Results: Prevalence of hypertension was found to be 4.7%. It was significantly associated with family history of hypertension (p<0.001), type of diet (p<0.001) and additional salt intake (p=0.008). In our study BP showed a gradual increase over age. It also shows that there is spurt of systolic and diastolic blood pressure from 13 to 14 years in boys while in girls there is spurt of systolic BP from 9 to 11 years of age and diastolic BP from 11 to 12 years of age.
Conclusion: Children with family history of hypertension should be targeted for primary prevention in vigorous manner along with dietary and lifestyle modification.

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