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Burkitt`s Lymphoma Presenting as Intussusception in Four Children
Charu Tiwari, Kiran Khedkar, Shalika Jayaswal, Hemanshi Shah.
Department of Pediatric Surgery, TNMC & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India.
Burkitt’s lymphoma is a highly malignant and rapidly growing B-cell neoplasm. Its presentation as intussusception is rare. We describe four children with intussusception due to Burkitt’s lymphoma. Three of them presented with abdominal pain and lump; had intussusception with a lead point on abdominal ultrasound (USG). They were managed by emergency exploration and resection of the involved bowel with anastomosis. Histopathological diagnosis was Burkitt’s lymphoma. The fourth patient presented with abdominal pain, a huge abdominal lump and fever. He had two previous episodes of recurrent intussusceptions managed by USG-guided hydrostatic reduction. This time, he was diagnosed as Burkitt’s lymphoma by image guided biopsy and started on appropriate chemotherapy.

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