They are derivatives of carbonic acid. They are marketed in the form of dusts or solutions, such as aldicarb {Temik}, aminocarb {Matacil}, apocarb {Baygon}, carbaryl {Sevin}, carbofuran {Furaxdan}.
Route :
Absorption occurs through all routes
Mechanism of action :
Absorption occurs through all routes
Carbamates differ toxicologically from organophoshphates in two ways:
1.They will spontaneously hydrolyse from the cholinesterase enzymatic site within 24 to 48 hours, whereas organophosphates will not
2.They do not effectively penetrate into central nervous system{CNS} and as such CNS toxicity is limited.
3.All other clinical manifestations are similar to organophosphates.

Treatment :
•Antidote: Atropine blocks the muscarinic effects.
•Cholinesterase reactivators: Pralidoxime may diminish the severity of symptoms
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