Poisonous compounds:
1} Barium chloride {colowebsiteess rhombic crystals}
2} Barium nitrate
3} Barium carbonate – used as a rat poison
4} Barium sulphate – it is a heavy, white, tasteless, odowebsiteess powder. It is used for the X-ray examination of the gastrointestinal tract. It is insoluble.
5} Barium sulphide – {greyish black powder} It is a deadly poison and used as a depilatory.

Route :
Fatal Dose :
about one g.
Fatal Period :
usually within 12 hours
Mechanism of action :
It acts locally as an irritant of almost corrosive degree. After absorption, it acts especially on muscle including heart muscle.
Clinical Picture :
The first effects are those of sever gastrointestinal irritation, namely nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. It causes cramps and stiffness of the muscles, dilation of the pupil, paralysis of the tongue and larynx, and vertigo. The heart is affected early, the blood pressure rises, the pulse is slow and irregular and the heart may stop in systole. The most characteristic changes are areflexia and paralysis.
Treatment :
1} Wash-out the stomach and give sulphate of soda or magnesium sulphate in solution to precipitate the barium as insoluble sulphate.
2} 10 ml of 10 percent sodium sulphate i.v. every 15 minutes to convert the soluble salt into insoluble sulphate
3} Purging with magnesium sulphate and repeated bowel wash
4} Symptomatic treatment
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