Carbon dioxide

It is a colorless gas with a faintly sweet odor. Atmospheric air normally contains 0.4 percent of CO2. Common places which may contain CO2 in excess include manholes, ship holds, old wells, cellars
Route :
Fatal Dose :
The minimum fatal concentration is 25-30% and high concentration of 60-80% may cause rapid death
Mechanism of action :
Acts as an asphyxiant
Clinical Picture :
• With pure CO2 : spasm of glottis, vagal inhibition and sudden death
• The features of poisoning depend concentration of CO 2 present in the atmosphere.
1.Upto 2 percent : Increase in rate and depth of respiration
2.About 5 percent: Laboured vreathing
3.Upto 20 percent: Respiratory discomfort
4.At 40 percent: Dyspnoea, discomfort, muscle weakness, fall of BP
5.At 50 percent: Dyspnoea, tightness in chest, ringing in ears, fullness in head, convulsions, unconsciousness and coma

Treatment :
•Artificial respiration and oxygen
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