Cleistanthus Collinus

It grows on dry hills and all parts of plant are poisonous
Route :
Inhalation, ingestion or absorption from skin
Fatal Dose :
200 to 400gm of leaves
Fatal Period :
1-3 days
Mechanism of action :
Active principle: Oduvin {glucoside}

Mechanism of action: The toxin blocks the neuromuscular junction and also acts on the cardiac conductive system

Clinical Picture :
•Nausea , vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea
•Dilated pupils, feeble pulse, tachycardia, tachpnoea with deep breathing
•Hyperpyrexia with muscle cramps and cardiac conductive defects

Treatment :
12/24/2023 08:39:15 Cleistanthus Collinus
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