Oleander (Kaner)

They are two varieties:

1}Nerium odorum{white oleander} – having white, pink or red flowers
• Active principle: Nerin and olendrin{glycosides}

2}Cerebra thevetia{ yellow oleander} – having yellow bell shaped flowers, found in temples. All parts of the plant are poisonous

Route :
Fatal Dose :
15 to 20 gm of root, 5 to 15 leaves
Fatal Period :
Mechanism of action :
•Active principle: erebrin, thevetin, nerifolin, thevetoxin{glycosides}
Clinical Picture :
•GIT irritation
•Contact dermatitis
•Dilated pupils
•Weak pulse and decreased B.P.
•Twichings, titanic spasm and locked jaw
•Action like strychnine on spinal cord

Treatment :
•Stomach wash
•Sodium molar lactate transfusion with glucose and 1atropine, 2mladrenaline nd 2mg noradrenaline is beneficial for cerebra thevetia poisoning
•Anaesthetic agents
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