Cerebra odallum

It is a small plant or a shrub that grows very commonly in india. the leaves are dark green and lanceolate and the flowers are white like the jasmine. The fruit is like a mango.

Route :
Fatal Dose :
Kernel of 1 fruit
Fatal Period :
1 to 2 days
Mechanism of action :
Hyperkalemia and depression of transaminase activity are the chief biochemical changes
Clinical Picture :
•Initial symptoms are gastrointestinal
•Cardiac toxicity occurs in about 3 hours
•Bitter taste, nausea , vomiting, abdominal pain
•General weakness, blurring of vision, sinus tachycardia, irregular respiration

Treatment :
•Stomach wash
•Atropine 0.5mg i.v. and repeated every 15 to 30 mins to stabilize the heart rate
•correction of hyperkalemia
03/20/2024 22:21:45 Cerebra odallum
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