Croton Tiglium (Croton Oil and Seeds) (jamalgota)

The seeds of croton {jamalgota or naepala} contain crotin, a toxalbumin which is not expressed with the oil. The oil is brown, viscid, has unpleasant odour and acrid, burning taste. Seeds are oval, dark-brown with longitudinal lines. They have no smell. Crotonoside, a glycoside, which is less poisonous, is also present. The oil contains a powerful vesicating resin composed of crotonoleic acid, methyl crotonic acid and several other fatty acids.
Route :
Ingestion, Contact
Fatal Dose :
4-5 seeds crushed seeds or 20 drops of oil (1-2 ml)
Fatal Period :
6 hours to 3 days
Clinical Picture :
There is hot burning pain from mouth to stomach, salivation, vomiting, purging with bloody stools, vertigo, prostration, collapse and death. Applied to the skin, the oil produces burning, redness and vesication.
Treatment :
Stomach wash, demulcent drink, and symptomatic treatment.
02/22/2024 11:30:29 Croton Tiglium (Croton Oil and Seeds) (jamalgota)
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