It is a heavy, colorless volatile liquid with sweet pungent taste and a characteristic ethereal odour
Route :
Ingestion and inhalation
Fatal Dose :
30ml when ingested, concentration of 5% or more when inhaled
Clinical Picture :
• When swallowed: 1. burning pain in mouth, throat and stomach and vomiting 2. pupils are dilated 3. pulse is feeble, rapid and irregular • When inhaled` 1. irritation in throat and burning of eyes 2. face is flushed and patient is delirious 3. in 3 to 4 mins: patient becomes unconscious and reflexes are lost 4. slow and feeble respiration 5. temperature subnormal and pupils contracted 6. relaxation of muscles 7. paralysis if inhalation continued 8. cyanosis of skin Treatment:
Treatment :
• Gastric lavage • Artificial respiration • stimulants and symptomatic treatment
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