Route :
Injection, ingestion, snuff, smoke or local application
Fatal Period :
2 hours
Clinical Picture :
• In acute poisoning it acts as stimulant and then as a depressant.
• In chronic poisoning {Cocainism}, there is
1. Initial psychopathic tendencies
2. tongue and teeth are black
3. Anorexia, loss of weight and weakness
4. Tremors, impotence
5. Insanity as delusions and hallucinations
6. Magnan symptom - feeling of grains of sand lying under skin
7. Cocaine bugs – feeling of small insects creeping on the skin

Treatment :
• Gastric lavage with warm water containing potassium permanganate, charcoal or tannic acid
• Antidote: Amyl nitrite inhalations
• Thiamine can be given i.v.
• Symptomatic treatment
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