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Posted On : 07 Jun 2016
11 years old boy with history of recurrent attacks of sever cough only respond to steroids but occurs without wheezes . his last attack he recieved one ampoul of dexamethazone then continue on oral steroids for 2days then shifted to flixotide inhaler 2puffs twice daily for onther 3 days. should i start gradual withdrawal of inhaled steroids and how. what is your openion about this management .does he in need to regular inhaled steroids.
Expert Answer :
There is a possibility of “Cough Variant Asthma “a phenotype of Asthma.
Suggest: to look for
1. Associated Allergic Rhinosilusitis and post nasal drip causing chronic cough.
2. Suggest to do PFT before and after branchodilaotrs. At least peak flow values.
3. IgE might help the atopic background.

In this case since there is good response with the preventers I will continue for 4 weeks then taper, the dose accordingly.

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