Dr. Ira Shah | Latent Tuberculosis

Dr. Ira Shah | Latent Tuberculosis
Dr. Ira Shah talks about Latent TB.
Why is it important to eliminate TB? What is Latent TB? How does it spread?
Facts about Latent TB, reactivation, High-risk groups, Risk as per age, BCG, contact, etc.
Strategic Plans of TB Elimination, Targeted treatment, Risk ratios.
Latent TB Diagnosis (TST & IGRA), Mantoux test, Quantiferon test.
Advantage of IGRAs, TST & QFT agreement, newer tests, Disadvantages of TST.
The guidelines on the management of latent tuberculosis infection, HIV infected screening and household contacts, Screening algorithm for HIV+TB.
Treatment Regimes, Problem of Non-adherence, WHO recommendations, MDR contact & Risk of Drug Resistance.
Key Conclusions!
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