Birth Asphyxia

Dr Manigandan Chandrasekaran, Dr. R. Kishore Kumar
In birth asphyxia, the infant needs immediate professional care in the neonatal intensive care unit and therapeutic hypothermia is a method for treating HIE following birth asphyxia to reduce the risk of brain injury3. Therapeutic hypothermia has become standard of care for these infants in the past decade after several clinical trials. Hypothermia treatment of the newborn involves cooling the infant for a period of 72 h to a body temperature of 33.5°C. Then, the infant's body temperature is increased by 0.5°C per hour until the normal body temperature (37°C) is reached.

How to Prevent
Advance in antenatal care, presence of a pediatrician at high risk delivery has reduced the incidence of birth asphyxia in high income countries. Continuous intrapartum monitoring including fetal heart rate, timed intervention and prompt delivery of an at risk fetus has a role in prevention.

Birth Asphyxia Birth Asphyxia 09/05/2018
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