Neonatal Apnea

Bodhankar Uday
Neonatal Apnea - Sequelae
Although the ultimate significance of apnea of prematurity for the long-term neurodevelopment of infants remains uncertain (14,3), prolonged apnea in association with falls in oxygen saturation must be considered an adverse event in view of the necessary decline in tissue oxygen delivery.

Apnea in premature infants can result in a failure of the mechanisms that protect cerebral blood flow resulting in ischemia and eventually leukomalacia. During apneic episodes, in an attempt to protect cerebral blood flow, cardiac output is diverted away from the mesenteric arteries resulting in intestinal ischemia and possibly necrotizing enterocolitis (15).

Neonatal Apnea Neonatal Apnea 12/19/2001
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