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Monica Adhikari
Consultant Dietician, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
First Created: 09/15/2014  Last Updated: 09/15/2014

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Packed lunches for school need not be boring. Just with a little bit of imagination, they can be fun and healthy.

Always keep in mind to include the 4 main food groups, pop in a drink, and away you go!

  1. Start with the basics: bread, cereal and potatoes group:
    • Try different types of breads, e.g. sliced bread, bun, bagels, wholemeal bread or white.
    • Rice, potatoes noodles, rice flour or wheatflour based chapattis.

  2. Add a tasty filling:

    • Try eggs,
    • Nuts,
    • Beans or pulses shredded chicken in your lunch box.
  3. Add colour to your lunch box by adding fruits and vegetables.
  4. Dairy delights: try to include dairy products in your lunch box- important to keep your teeth healthy and your bones strong.
  5. Added extras: Fancy a treat in your lunch box? Just try and make healthier choices when you can.

Pop in a drink:

Choose from:

  • Water

  • Plain milk or flavoured milk (rose flavour)

  • Fruit juice cartons

Ideas for you to try including the above food groups:

  • Mashed potatoes toasted sandwiches or alu parathas

  • Fried rice

  • Egg mayonnaise with cucumber

  • Stuffed parathas with beans like mng dal

  • Mixed bean salad with cucumber, tomato.

  • Chapatti roll with shredded cooked chicken.

  • Rice with peas.

  • Make mixed pulses khichdi

  • Take fresh fruit like apple, orange, banana or small packet of mixed dried fruits.

  • Chopped raw vegetables like sticks of carrots, slices of cucumber or tomatoes and beetroot.

  • To roll your favourite bhaji into chapattis like bhindi (okra), brinjal or capsicum

  • Stuffed parathas with your favourite vegetables.

  • Take small pot of yoghurt.

  • Take small pot of shrikhand

  • Try stuffed cheese or paneer parathas.

  • Small cube of cheese

  • Take small box of homemade rice pudding or kheer.

  • Take packet of crisp or piece of fruit cake or fruit bun

  • Plain biscuits or wafer biscuits

  • Fun sized chocolates.

Packed Lunches Packed Lunches 2014-09-15
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