Short Stature - an Approach

Dr Swati Joshi
Short Stature - an Approach - Introduction
Growth is an important objective parameter of general health of a child. Short stature is a common problem encountered by practicing pediatricians. The etiology of short stature ranges from normal variants like familial short stature (FSS) & constitutional growth delay (CGD) to pathological conditions like endocrine & systemic disorders. Fortunately, the normal variants form the commoner causes and can be suggested by basic tools like anthropometric data and bone age. However, the distinction between normal & abnormal growth can be difficult at times

Short stature may sometimes be the only obvious manifestation of endocrine conditions & systemic diseases

Short Stature

A child is considered short if:
- His height is less than 3rd percentile or 2 standard deviations below the mean height for that age.
- Even if the height is within normal percentiles but growth velocity is consistently below 25th percentile over 6-12 months of observation.
- If the patient is excessively short for the mid-parental height, though his absolute height may be within the normal percentiles.

Useful point to note : 80% of children with height less than 3SD below mean have pathologic short stature whereas 80% of children with height less than 2SD usually have normal variant short stature.

Short Stature - an Approach Short Stature - an Approach 02/23/2001
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