Jaundice in Newborn

Dr. Amit Nigade, Dr R. Kishore Kumar
Jaundice In Newborn - Patient Education
What is newborn Jaundice ?
The reasons and treatment options for Neonatal jaundice are different than adult jaundice. Most of the newborn Jaundice is physiological and does not require treatment.

How will I get to know baby is jaundiced ?
Baby’s skin and eyes will look yellow in bright day light. Jaundice will start from face and finally spread to palms and sole.

What is phototherapy ?
When baby’s bilirubin crosses certain threshold, baby needs to be kept under specialised green blue light spectrum which will externally reduce the bilirubin level.

Why we need to cover eyes and private parts during phototherapy ?
Animal studies indicate retinal degeneration after 24 hours of continuous phototherapy and protection of gonads is necessary when infant is under phototherapy.

Jaundice in Newborn Jaundice in Newborn 09/02/2020
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