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Posted On : 22 Mar 2019
is there any role of sunlight in neonatal jaundice
Expert Answer :
There is a limited role of sunlight in the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Sunlight exposure can be used to reduce the intensity of jaundice in mild to moderate cases only and in infants who have no risk factors for developing high levels of serum bilirubin. These babies usually have a low rate of increase of serum bilirubin.
It is also important to ensure that the exposure to sunlight is DIRECT and not through a window glass pane as glass filters out the effective spectrum of light which converts the bilirubin to soluble forms. However the time and duration of exposure and intensity of sunlight required for beneficial effect is not determined and the clinical benefit {reduction of serum bilirubin level} cannot be predicted with this method. The risk of overheating of the baby due to over-zealous sunlight exposure should also be considered.
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No , there is not much role of sunlight
10 months ago
yes, I feel so
10 months ago
dr.savi76 savi
early morning sunlight has some effect
10 months ago

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