Nephrotic Syndrome

Kumud P Mehta
Initial Episode Of Nephrotic Syndrome
- Urine examination for proteinuria: 3+ to 4+ urinary proteins or urinary protein (mg)/urinary creatinine (mg) ratio in a spot sample >2 or 24 hours urinary protein >40 mg/m2/hr or 50 mg/kg.
- Serum Albumin <2.5 g/dl
- Serum cholesterol >200 mg/dl
- To screen for tuberculosis: X-ray chest, Mantoux Test
- To screen for urinary tract infection: Urine culture and colony count
- HbsAg test

[Steroid therapy is started after the infection is cleared (for TB, after 3-4 weeks of 2 anti TB drugs)].

Low serum C3 levels, raised BUN/Creatinine, persistent microscopic hematuria/macrohematuria and persistent hypertension are uncommon in minimal change NS and kidney biopsy is needed if 2 or more of these are detected, prior to starting steroid therapy.

Nephrotic Syndrome Nephrotic Syndrome 01/03/2001
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