Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Kumud P Mehta
The best way to prevent recurrence of UTI is to treat the first infection thoroughly as mentioned above and to detect underlying lesions that may require surgical corrections. Long term chemoprophylaxis using a single night dose of appropriate drug like co-trimoxazole or Furadantin or Nalidixic acid at 1/3rd dose prevents recurrent UTI in children with VUR or recurrent cystitis or in those in whom UTI follows urologic procedures.

Good perineal hygiene, treatment of threadworms, treatment of constipation, high fluid intake and toilet training for voiding periodically every 2-3 hours are some of the measures which help to prevent recurrent UTI. Monitoring for UTI includes periodic urine cultures initially every monthly and if cultures are negative in the first 3 months, regularly every 3 months or whenever there is fever without focus of infection.

The choice of drug for recurrent UTI depends on the culture and antibiotic sensitivity. Pyelonephritis is treated for 7-10 days while Lower UTI i.e. cystitis may be treated for 3-5 days followed by long term drug therapies mentioned above. On an average 2-3 years of treatment is required for VUR and 6 months to 1-year treatment for post urologic operations or procedures.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) 01/02/2002
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