Diagnostic Dilemma

Recurrent UTI

I am treating a baby {age 1 year and six month, weight: 9 Kg} with complain of poor weight gain and recurrent fever till 7 month of age. He had two documented UTI {proved by Urine Culture}at the age of 8 month and 10 month. USG KUB Region and DTPA scan reports are normal. MCU Report suggests dilated Posterior Urethra. Blood Urea:20mg, dl, Serum Creatinine:0.6mg, dl.

Cystoscopy done by Pediatric Surgeon - posterior Urethra is Dilated. Flimsy Cusp on Right side, Removed. Both Ureteric openings are normal. No stricture seen and Cystoscope passed into bladder easily.

Baby is advised for DTPA Scan 6 weeks later.

What should be further management and prognosis_?
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Tarul Wadikhaye
wait and watch
14 years ago
Ifeoma Anochie
child should be on prophylactic antibiotics. Valve ablation should be done
Progosis is guarded- urinary incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infection and chronic renal failure latter in life

14 years ago

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