Diagnostic Dilemma

Cryptogenic Vesicular rash

A four year old child presents with a history of recurrent vesicular rash on the face, predominantly around peri-oral region and spreading towards scalp, getting exacerbated with fever for past two years. Treated in the past for recurrent herpes labilis with Acyclovir and received ATT for suspected skin tuberculosis with only partial relief. He has been vaccinated adequately for his age and has taken up vaccines with no adverse effects, ruling out any common immuno-deficiency as the cause for recurrent rash. HIV and HSV ELISA both negative, skin biopsy- non conclusive. The child responds to oral or iv antibiotic therapy each time the rash appears.

Is it recurrent impetigo due to some rare immunodeficiency_?
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Pramod Kulkarni
_?epidermolysis bullosa variant
14 years ago
Jobs Syndrome
14 years ago

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