Diagnostic Dilemma

Acute urticaria in a 2 1, 2 months old child

A 2½ month old boy born of non consanguineous marriage presented urticarial rash over face and hands since 20 days. There is no history of any drug ingestion and is on formula feeds since birth. He was operated for left inguinal hernia 40 days back. On examination, there is urticarial rash over face, buttocks, abdomen, back, thighs and soles. Systemic examination is normal. He was treated with atarax to which the rash responded. His CBC, LFT and RFT are normal. Initially, he had a high serum potassium {5.9 mEq, L} but that normalized subsequently.

What is the cause of acute urticaria in this child_?
Answer Discussion :
Baby has an acute urticaria with no obvious cause or similar history in the past. Also it has responded to atarax.
At this stage it could be idiopathic. Patient education regarding recurrence and follow up.

14 years ago
vijayalakshmi sathyanarayana
hereditory angiooedema
14 years ago

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