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Posted On : 01 Jul 2011
ACUTE URTICARIA .What should b the Emergency management_? Any role of Mast cell stabilizing agents in acute Urticaria_?
Expert Answer :
Most cases of simple acute urticaria can be treated with H1 antihistamine agents. In cases of severe or persistent urticaria, H2 antihistamines may be added and are probably additive to the effect of H1 antihistamines if given simultaneously intravenously. Refractory cases may improve with glucocorticosteroids. No role of mast cell stabilisers.
Answer Discussion :
E Venugopal
Inj. Avil IM stat YES
9 years ago
neetu bhandari
antihistaminic plussteroid
9 years ago
milder variety needs antihistamenic,and pain killer ,but if this is involving upper respiratory tract or sign of angiodema then inj epinephrine ,hydrocortisone ,and nebulisation with bronchiodilator needed
9 years ago
Km myint
no role of Mass cell stabilizing agent in acute urticaria

9 years ago
Umar Shahzad
emergency medicine with antihistamine and steroid
no roll of mast cell stablizers

9 years ago

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